need a better map mabye ingame map item?

i often lose my friends or when they die and respawn some were its often hard to find them
maybe they could put in a map item that is found on military officers or airdrops it could be part
of the new items added and the its kinda hard to use the maps that are already there they show very little and
have very little directions

Mountains are in the north, sea in the south, sun rises to the east and drops to the west.
It just takes a bit getting used to, adding a minimap would break the immersion and turn this game into just another MMORPG.

No…No map. When you have spent over 200 hours you will be saying the same thing.
The current “game” zone is a complete circle. It actually has more like a figure eight pattern.
Stay close to the road or do not let the road out of your sight.
Except for mid day when the sun is directly above you,place the sun on your right shoulder,you will be facing north.
edit - If you take notice to what kind of server you join and the mod it supports do a /location ( server using Magma ) and use or

I found all the arguments regarding ‘no map’ to be utterly useless.

Any gamer that can load a website during the game will have the map of the game.

I have a dual screen, and I map-cheat, because I can play and have the map of the game under the eyes while I play. Other players, with less money, or less performances, cannot load the map and then are at disadvantage.

We are not playing on PlayStation. Computer games have their drawbacks, and the ability to consult a map is one of them.

You put a map in, or you randomly generate the worlds on each and every different servers.

There is no in-between.

And how many games have you published?

Randomly generated maps per server will create problems actually (at least that’s my opinion) since this map is only a demo for us,next map(s) could be larger and more difficult to travel (due to survival based game).So in-game map might not be included but at least maps on the net should show the directions,radtowns or another in-game zones.But hey since i’m not a part of dev team,i cannot judge or give certain answers.Current map of the game can be learned via net or by just playing.

Even now,thanks to mods,lots of people find their way using /location on modded servers.So some players like it hardcore some take it as casual.

DayZ has a map,Nether has also.Rust could have but not sure ingame or not.

I fail to see the logic in that argument: ‘randomly generated map will be a problem since the current map is only a demo’.

Randomly generated maps can be a problem if it’s poorly implemented.

My point is that if you use a static map across all the servers and for all of the players, it’s best to provide the map overview in-game, rather than letting third party websites handle this task, as only a portion of players will have this advantage.

Providing an in-game map is just a way to make it fair: same experience for everyone, no third-party bullshit required to play.

You still have to triangulate your position yourself. Of course you can have a map, but you can’t see your little dot on the map moving.

Oh and btw you don’t need two screens, you only need the shift and tab keys on the keyboard which I have on good authority come for free with the keyboard.

once you play a lot,you will have the game’s map in your head.there is no need for the all the reason up there,especially ekvo

I’ll make sure I’ll ask you before voicing my opinion, next time. I don’t want to be especially useless.

To be honest i used to get lost a lot on rust until i started using what Mr.EKVO mentioned few months ago :P. After that you just need to walk arround for a while and you will eventually get used to the place. Not to mention the rust map is not that “big” if you consider only the populated area where the resources shows up.

“Randomly generated maps can be a problem if it’s poorly implemented.” Oh yeah ? Then let’s speak about your logic.We really do not know what will be the measure of future maps.Think about like a Chernarus (DayZ map) it’s really a huge map in my opinion,since Rust will have lot’s of features in the futures and player capacities per server will get more and more,think about 500 guy on a server A,server A uses a different map then server B.One day Server A gets “less desirable server” and some of the players decided to move server B.Perfectly,random map with resources and such.Yet they will face one of the problems ! Current players of server B will have an advantage against to newcomers,because they(server A players) do not know anything about the map and such.So newcomers will split into two groups. 1st one will be the "move-on and survive,find friends " 2nd one will be the “meh,i do not give sh*t”.Since random generated maps,will generated differently by each server.Server B has to (and if wants to) publish it’s own map.

So long story short,randomly generated maps can differ at many aspects,mountains,roads,resources.
You do not need dual screens for that champ,you can simply play windowed or just do alt tab and ta da !

Also again,you are speaking about that some kind of rule:

“My point is that if you use a static map across all the servers and for all of the players, it’s best to provide the map overview in-game, rather than letting third party websites handle this task, as only a portion of players will have this advantage.”

No one has to do that,there is no rule for that.Since all the Rust players can and must be online while playing,i think there will be no issue about disadvantage.

I’m not saying they will use the maps as static forever or they will bring random generated maps.The only thing i want to mention is,it’s up to devs.Several problems might occur,several problems might get a solution.Randomizing anything,gives different results at everywhere,not only at this game.

“Providing an in-game map is just a way to make it fair: same experience for everyone, no third-party bullshit required to play.”

The thing you call bullshit can be found for actually almost every game on the internet ! MMORPG(s),FPS,Strategy.Even now people use another third-party applications such as calculator for materials costs for a designed house or base.

Basically, what you say is that in a randomly generated maps world where maps are not in game, newcomers are at disadvantage against older users. That is true, but I do not view it as an issue, it is even more realistic: when you arrive in a place you do not know, you should get your info from the local inhabitants. Note that, however, I do not care if maps are random or is a unique one.

But if the map is the same for the whole Rust universe, developers should provide an ingame map. No player should rely on a third party map provider, for these obvious reasons:

  • low performances users cannot alt+tab easily
  • even if you alt+tab or window, this puts you in idle state in game, and breaks the immersion
  • players with a secondary screen have an advantage over those that must rely on the ugly and disgusting alt+tab
  • third party tools are indeed used in a lot of games, that is no reason to not provide the basic stuff that even games in 1995 had as a standard feature.

If I follow your reasoning, there is no reason for tooltip boxes to describe an item ingame when you place your mouse over it, as you can have the items description on third party websites. Right?..

When I first started i thought the same. Took me and a friend an hour to find each other. A wolf was chasing him and I when we found each other so we continued running trying to get away…I never seen him again and we logged.

Now I know where I am and a map is not needed. Explore.

The only thing they could do is make an item IG that will display the map if you look at it.

It doesn’t matter if you have a second screen… ALT-tabbing or do whatever you want.

It’s a good quest to find out the map on your own (or simply look at a website) that’s your own decision.

You’ll get used to the map, and will not need it after some time.

No need to throw away the “survival element” which some people want to discover themself instead of using a map.

If they’d make a 3D map IG then everyone has that advantage, and forcefully look at it.

Now it’s your decision.

oh wow,i wrote that wrong and am not really sure what i really meant to say xD

i think i meant to say the reason we don’t need a mini map is like the reason you gave(so you had a good reason) or something like that,

:tinfoil:sorry that i wrote it wrong and made it sound like the reason you gave was stupid;don’t know why i wrote it like that

map is also really small