Need a bit lua coding help

Hey! I have been coding a deathmatch based gamemode, and I need help with the round system. I have had the same problem for many days and I was thinking I should probably re-code the whole round system I have done coded so far. I wanted to ask people in here if theres actually a simple way to code this. I’m going to make it so when 2 or more players are on the server, the round will start, starting with 15 seconds preparing time, and after that anyone who dies will not respawn until the round ends, which will happen when only 1 player is left alive. I’d appreciate if someone could help me!


I’d recommend looking at another round based game mode such as Trouble in Terroist Town.

TTT code is just… too messy for me.

TTT code has great round system, and in my opinion it’s not hard to figure out.

Pff… I really need some SIMPLE round system… TTT has like 1000 lines on it… ._.

EDIT: Like ffa round system.