Need a bit of help from a modeller.

So i’m working on a pack of HL1/Opposing force soldiers, since Romka’s are fine but i just find them lacking in a few things and wanted to make my own. They’re going reasonably well so far, but i can’t find anything to use for the PCV.

Here’s a mockup of what i have so far, the textures and a bunch of the gear is a placeholder since i’ve been trying to find a vest to use for the PCV and not a lot else. I’d use the vest from Romka’s HECU, but the straps on it are just modelled on and the backpack is fused to it, so i can’t remove them easily.

To get to the point, I need a modeller who can help me out by making a vest model for me, similar to these:
Without any gear on top, so i can add whatever or just use it without. Textures aren’t nessecary since i can do those, but for that i’d prefer an AO map and decent UV.

If anyone feels kind enough to want to help out with this, shoot me a PM and we’ll work out details and such and i can get some better references made up.