Need a bit of help with Outlast ripping..

Hello, for the past 2 days I’ve been struggling to extract a model from Outlast, with unsatisfying results, I didn’t know what to do anymore so I figured I’d ask here, hope someone can help.

It’s the first time I tried to extract a model out of a game (Outlast) myself, what I did is used Umodel to view the .upk files in the game directory. At first it worked, but after searching through literally thousands of textures, materials and models I found out that all the models had all their proper texture maps (diffuse _D, normal _N and specular_S, some had an extra one _SSS that I don’t know what it is) EXCEPT the Walrider model which is the one I was searching for. All the textures for the Walrider that I could find in the Viewer/browser window were Skin_A, Skin_N, and SkinMask. The Normal map was good, but I have no idea what Skin_A is. What kind of map does _A refer to? I don’t see how it can be the diffuse map because it looks vastly different from what it should, it’s way too light (diffuse and specular is what I’m missing), and if it’s a specular why is it not called Skin_S like it is for the other models? And the SkinMask is just a cloudy image.

Skin_A: (originally .tga and larger)



.psk file if it matters:

Now when I extracted the whole thing I got a .psk skeletal mesh which I easily converted to .fbx with MilkShape and it worked great with Maya. But when it comes to textures it only extracted a normal map for the eyes and the same Skin_N map I saw in the viewer. No diffuse map, no specular, no texture at all for the skeleton mesh underneath the skin mesh. I’m well aware that I probably can’t get it to look exactly like in the game while using Maya, but at least SOME resemblance…

So is there anything I can do? Why isn’t there a diffuse map for the skin and what is the Skin_A map? I would really like proper textures for this model…

looks like an ambient occlusion map - It’s probably vertex coloured. A) there might be various colour channels used for masking in some of the textures. But a thing to remember is, that if you want to get a normal colour on it. Just create a new layer in PS over the occlusion texture, set it to multiply and colour away.

Yeah, I could easily color over it in PS, but personally I don’t see the point since it’s not going to be the real, original map. I just don’t understand why there’s no diffuse map, I thought that was the most essential for everything.
Oh well, thanks for the help.

It looks like it could be some sort of separated alpha map or possibly a heightmap. If it’s used as the diffuse, it’s probably colored by RGB values in engine. At which point doing what wraithcat says will produce almost identical result.

Do you have a picture of what the character looks ingame? Could shed some light.

I bet that skinmask took days to make :v:

LOL, I bet it did XD

Nah, that’s ok guys, I don’t think this one is fixable, thanks everyone anyway.

Well I googled and the only pictures of the mosnter I can find is this.

So it looks like it really does only use vertex colours.

Yes, there’s actually 2 meshes, the skeleton underneath and another skin mesh over it. I haven’t heard about vertex colours before but I looked it up and I kinda get it. So both meshes would use vertex color instead of a diffuse map?