NEED a co-creators of server in Russian community (Or where can i learn this?)

Hello, everybody. I want to offer risky business :rolleyes:

There is only one hosted Jailbreak server in Russia. I can’t say that it has a good mod.

On this basis we have rather good chance to became one of the most popular JB in russian community. (subsequently may be with other mods)

I can:
-Correctly translate mods in Russian language
-pay for host
-buy advertising in russian social networks and web-sites

I don’t know nothing about scripting in GM, but if you show me guides,aid it will be fine!

Certainly,I will be glad to see not only profy(i know that profies will not work without money :D), some newbies,amateurs and others who can help also are welcome.

You can write here or in my skype:droksdroksovich

[The text can contain mistakes, because i haven’t slept for a whole night :)]