Need a coder Pls!

I’m in need of a job coder for my darkrp server that uses ulx that can link donator jobs to the ulx ranks themselves, i’m stressing and alot of people left because of it, please help! <3

(I will go into more depth on what you’re dealing with, also, i recommend Teamviewer so it makes it alot easier)

… If you do not know such a basic function this makes me question alot.

Im adding you on steam so I can help you out. No not a job. Im going to fix the problem, and tell you where to go instead of just shoving this on facepunch. Alright?


If I find any decent coders I will send them yur way

Ever hear of " " ?
I feel that every one misses it.

The thing you want is even documented on the Dark RP Wiki if you bothered to read it man…

Add me on steam [Bishop] Mike Ock.