Need A Compiling Wizard

okay, official steam workshop discussion forums are not helpful at all, just cluttered with people making odd item suggestions etc.

My SDK TF2 itemtest doesn’t work, i’ve tried alot, moving gcf’s, running vconfig, changing file directories, editing the gameinfo.txt etc.

I seriously need some help

I’ve got a model and a texture but more importantly an SMD and a .qc
I’ve given up on using SDK, and i’m trying to compile the SMD manually using GUIstudiomdl.
When i compile it doesn’t spit out any of the files it should, and the only tutorial i’ve found which involves GUIsm is this:

What should my qc. file consist of in terms of editable parameters? the above link is very vague, and only says to “work the rest out”. What is everything i need in order to compile my SMD correctly?

I would be incredibly grateful for a point in the right direction, some advice etc. The source engine is seriously confusing to me.

$modelname path/modelName.mdl

$model name yourSMD.smd

$cdmaterials path/MaterialsFolder/

$sequence name yourSMD.smd

That’s the bare minimum you need for it to be functional. The rest depends on the type of model. Are you compiling a hat or a weapon? Is the model very high-poly? Does it have team colors?

If you have any confusion over any commands you can look them up here.

You have no idea how grateful i am for your reply, everywhere else is completely useless. I’ll play about with the qc. files and stuff.

I still have a couple questions though, abit more general:
Does Source SDK remove the need to make custom qc’s or was it inevitable.

Secondly, to compile properly, do i need to set the correct config path to the ep1 gameinfo.txt in GUIstudiomdl

Thanks very much Joe :slight_smile:

Well first of all, what exactly are you trying to compile? What type of model? What game?

Oh sorry, i thought you were just giving examples.

Well first things first, i fixed my SDK, so i’m assuming i don’t need to use qc. files for now.
But anyway, its a simple mask for pyro with no lighting, illumination or transparency. I do intend to add a jigglebone though.

(SMD file aswell)

Yes and no - basically sourceSDk itself doesn’t by default include any tools that directly compile without QC’s, but the tf2 itemtest does make some stuff for you. As to compile paths.

Personally I find it best to use the included studioMDL and just set the config path by selecting the right game in SourceSDK (in my case a 2009 mod)

I’ve found that setting configurations in the SDK doesn’t set the compile paths in GUISTudiomdl, soo…
Also, should i be able to set the game as TF2 with the 2009 engine? (in SDK) cause i can only set the current game as TF2 with the Source MP engine.

Also, i don’t actually know what compile paths are for. I mean i know i have to set them, but are they where my compiler sends my mdl., vmt. etc. to? Or are they references for the compiler, so the compiler knows how my hat should react to light or something. I’m unsure about this because all the tutorials i’ve read have given me this impression.

And i think i’ll just straight up learn GUIStudiomdl, cause SDK just crashes, and seems pretty unstable especially after SteamPipe.

Sorry if this was alot, but i seriously appreciate you guys helping me out!