Need a console command

Hey all,

I have a school project (I don’t want to go into detail) where I need to show the sheer size of 15,000 people. I thought I’d try it in GMod.

ANYWAY: Is there a console command to say something like “create 15,000 citizens” so I won’t have to hammer my finger on the spawnicon? Thanks in advance.

The Source engine is limited to 4096 entities. So this is impossible. Your computer would most likely give up long before you got to that limit, though.

That might be enough, actually. If I did that in flatgrass and copypasta’d just the ragdoll mound 3 times in paint, it would come out to about 15,000.

All I need, really, is a “spawn object x y times” command.

Sounds like photoshop would be better.

I’m pretty sure that that command doesn’t exist,

@spacewolf: I don’t have it. And that’s not the point of this topic anyway. Sorry, but it pisses me off when people reply like that. The worst is when an admin, y’know, the people who are there to help members out, replies to a newbie question with “Hello, thank you for joining our forum, but this post belongs in (some other forum section). Also, your signature does not follow our guidelines. Thank you for posting!”

Sorry, kinda went on a rant there.

alias lol “gm_spawn models/ragdolls/whatever.mdl;wait 10;lol”;lol

Your PC will give up after around 600.