Need A Custom Material Finished, Half Done Already.

K I used VTFEdit to make a faux tin ceiling material for my real life bedroom I made in Source SDK. What I need someone to do is make me a VMT and whatever else you need to do, like renaming the file and tell me where I put it inside the materials folder. The engine I’m gunna use it for is HL2 Ep2 just so ya know. Btw make the properties plaster or whatever is closest to Faux Tin Ceilingness. You can email me the file at or however you send it through FacePunch. Is the download link for the vtf, couldn't find out how to make an attachment on facepunch. I'm new, jeez.

                                                                 Kay tanks for teh halp bai

You’ll never be a good map unless you learn to do simple things like this yourself.

Omnacky, you need to stop talking like a retard…

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if you want to be taken seriously and be respected that is.

It’s my first material I’ve ever made, jeez.

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Nice rank

Gotta start somewhere and as I stated in another thread, it’s best to start early in the games industry (which, even if you only map as a hobby, this skillset is still part of the “games industry”)

Simple things like making a sentence that actually makes sence? How can I be a “map”

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Wow dude, you called me out on an obvious accidental mistake that I made a whole 4 days ago.

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And besides, at least I know how to spell.

Jokes on you really, custom title which the gold member forum decided on, unlike you I have a job, am over the age of 13 and am perfectly literate.

I have a job and I’m over 13. You see me making mystakes all the time :downs:

But you’re sexy :3:

Yea, I did. What do you mean, “be a map”?.

'Gratz on that last acheivment there, btw.

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What does having a job have to do with that, idc if you have a job or not, it’s pretty much irrelevant.

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I’m can be completely literate too, if I want to. I just didn’t know that facepunch was infected with assholes.

Why are you still posting, this thread is over.

It’s his thread.

Good point :stuck_out_tongue:

well arnt you a lazy one

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facepunch is built of grammar and shit like that pretty all i can say is get used to it

Okey dokey artichokey.

Oh, I wasn’t aware people could be maps.

Omnacky, many of the people here will tell you that you suck, but you shouldn’t be discouraged just cause some arrogant kids say so. Good luck, it does take time to get good at it, but they are all building blocks for what you need to know to pull off some really awsome shit. :slight_smile: