Need a custom script and scoreboard help?

Hello! I recently brought up a server, I have custom F4 and Hud but now I need a custom scoreboard? anyone? I was think like: black, it says that if your admin, user, vip ect. has your job, money and name. That would be grateful.

  1. I need a script like perp or modified dark RP server. They have it so cop cars, ambulances ect when you press alt siren and lights go off, I would like that for dark RP 2.5.0… anyone? I would appropriate it.
  1. You can look on for one that suits you. If you don’t find one, you can always create a job on there.


1.) thanks I will.
2.) No no no, I dont need any cars. I need a script where when I press a button like alt police lights on on.

I coded the emergency lighting system used on HZ perp server.

VC Mod is currently for sale on coderhire; mine will probably be there soon too.

Here’s the updated version of my lighting system in addition to other stuff:

Add me on steam if you’re interested. I may create a version for sale on coderhire fairly soon.