Need a darkrp coder to help me make my darkrp server!

My co-owner reinstalled my ENTIRE darkrp server and I need a coder to help me make it again, will anyone help me please? I can not pay for it since I have no money, but will a rank on the server be ok? Please respond if you are interested in helping me!

Ill help you, but I dont really care about the rank.

You would be better of hiring someone.

So yeah, I dont really care what you (or anyone else on FP) thinks. If I have the ability to help someone with something I know how to do, im going to at least try. Deal with it brah. I like helping people.

Get BlueBull to do it, maybe he’ll learn something.

This is why.

it’s all because he’s black :confused:

Blue Bull m8 this is no place for racism, and you are offering to help someone yet you arent even trusted in this community this is why we rate you dumb

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KPJ again dont be racist man

I was joking dude…and I dont care if im trusted, if someone wants to help somebody, why are we criticizing them? Not just me. Im talking about if anyone wants to help someone, why would your first reflex be to criticize them for trying?

You dont even know how to add items to the pointshop and youre saying im not skilled enough to work with people?

LMFAO do you remember when you posted this BlueBalls ?

Seriously don’t even try to criticize others when you cant even code properly… I shall say no more

You can not pay the coder because you have no money but host the server?

Yeah, considering I told everyone that I know that it wouldnt work because that was just an example I was looking for a code similar in design (So thanks for taking that out of context again). I dont think that your “example” affects my experience with helping people.

Yeah, there was a point when I couldnt add items to the pointshop, but I wasnt making fun of coders while I asked for help.

You talk all about helping people, but how do you help people when you can’t even help yourself?


Lol stop lying you never said it was an example in fact you has asked it in question format “would work?”.
There are plenty more examples but I’m not trying to take the piss out of you.

It’s more the fact that how can you help someone if you don’t know what you are doing isn’t that worse and what experience do you have with helping people do you give them leaked scripts is that what you call experience.

In all honesty someone would have to be mad to let you help them especially if someone ever gave you FTP accesses to a server I don’t even want to think about that.

This is not the place to ask for this. We are not paying for your server, get a job and get money. It’s easy to make a DarkRP server and setting it up. Don’t be lazy because being lazy won’t help you in shizzle.

Terrible thread

Awaiting PSA for “Stop ruining this entire section by shittalking new coders”

Holy shit.

Or we could just go ahead and make a bluebull hate thread?
Then people would have a nice convenient way to make fun of me without going into other people’s threads? :slight_smile:

I think its funny how entire threads can get derailed to just hating on a guy and no one gets banned. But GOD FORBID I “backseat moderate” and rustle Craptasket’s jimmies.

Anyways, few people will help you set up a RP server for free. The ones who will do it for a rank are self-absorbed and not people you will want around anyways.