Need a decent Clone Trooper Model


I am in great need of a decent, good looking Phase 1 (or phase 2, if at all possible) Clone Trooper, such as the ones here:

Such a model already exists, and unfortunately, having been uploaded in 2005, is seriously lacking in quality:

I mean, just look at the bloody state of it… A new model, preferably with the colour schemes depicted above, would be fantastic.

Just a few more pictures demonstrating the poor model:

I am, however, not sure how this model can be improved; better textures? Improved rigging (or whatever)?

Few games carry a decent version of the model, but there is one: here is a link to a mod, released this year, for Star Wars:Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. In it, there are a large variety of Star Wars models, from clone troopers to Jedi. Perhaps such a model could be taken from it?

I know this is a large request, what with the mod and all, so, as a liitle bonus to those who may have read this far, I present the suprisingly well done model of Count Dooku wearing a hat:

after what I can remember, I think that a decent model can be found in either Dan’s Mega SNPC pack:
or in Shotgunguy’s playermodel pack:
Hope this helps

Thank you for the quick reply, but those packs only seem to feature Storm troopers.

maybe if you look here:
Just scroll a bit down, and you will see a download link… I don’t know if it is the same model you found, but it’s worth a shot.

Count Dooku is a pimp? Never knew, seein that fedora and all…

No, it appears that those links are long broken. I do appreciate the help, though.

I would like theese too.
Too bad its almost only storm troopers :frowning:

I agree with this, that clonetrooper model is shit.
I’ll look around for some nice models if anyone is up to porting them.


I am afraid that I do not follow, good sir.

He’s saying “wtc” to the clone model in the OP

Oh yeah, I found this.
It just needs texturing and rigging.

Fantastic! Now we just need someone to do these things…

Textures are done, now to rig it up.
My least favorite part.

Wow… I honestly didn’t expect this request to actually be answered, let alone on the first day.

This is brilliant.

It’s officially ported to source.
Still needs rigging though.

Looks damn fine.
Good job.

are you gonna make skins for it like the ones in the picture? just wondering


No need to bump, Rigging takes a while for me.

Sorry, just getting nervous.