Need A Dev

Well yes, i am going to try and do a WW2 gamemode. It will be based of Cider. With my knowledge i could get all the models i need, playermodels, headhacking, hexing, reskins, mapping etc.
I just lack a scripter. I really need one. The thing is i cannot afford a scripter at the moment, so all i can promise is a high rank and a cut from the future donations. I understand how annoying it is
when you get such a thing, i really do - it happens to me alot. The thing is, i need a scripter to get along, not something too serious, someone who can manipulate Cider a bit, help me set up maybe NPC
shops, adding a few entities and i’ll take care of the rest. So thanks everyone who would like to join.

My steam is - LiorEluse, Or search RedNinja Or my profile is

why do you have to make 2 posts?