Hey Guys! I have a server called ZapGaming and i need someone out there to give me a free donating system. ive been looking on the internet and all that but i cant find one
:frowning: . please give me one or code me one i will love you for ever!! <3



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All you need for a donating system is a paypal button on your website:

But what you probably mean is a system for buying extra features such as ranks or whatever. This would be a lot more complex and I doubt anyone is gonna do it for free. There might be something like that on coderhire.

And I really wish people would stop calling this donating, because it’s not. Donating is when someone just gives you money not expecting anything in return. When you give people ranks for money, you’re selling them, not accepting donations.

how do i know if someones bought a rank?

You’ll have to use PHP to send information to an SQL database when they donate.