Need a Donation System (CUSTOM)


I run a deathrun server and i need a Donation System… I’m paying money for the finished product. Reply if you can and we’ll go more into the details. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll need to give a bit more information than that.

What do you need it for, how will it be used, how do you expect it to be a “donation system”, what do you expect it to do. That kind of information.

Ah, my bad. I thought i could clarify what i meant later on.

Ok, I want it to be able to give players certain amount of points the package has to offer when they buy it. Also, To set their health to 200. That’s basically all it is. Nothing Fancy.

Right. Explain this points thing you just said, the health part would be easy, all the donation system needs to do is add them to a usergroup, the rest can be controlled luaside.

Probably as simple as

local function DonationBenefits(ply)
if ply:UserGroup() == "dongroup1" then
hook.Add("PlayerSpawn", "nou", DonationBenefits)

I guess what could be done, is make an RCon Class and upon successful donation (using PayPal IPN), send a command to the server adding X steamid to group - however, how are you going to be parsing the player who donated etc. This is more complicated the more I think about it.

I guess the player could enter his steamid, but then, most of GMods FanBase are children, who think their steamid is their Nick().