Need a few models for a mod

If anyone out there can model, i would like to ask for some models, or permissions to use existing ones for a mod i am making. I’m making a mod called “7 hour war”. now, i know that there may be mods in progress, but i felt i could make it better. Any models you can make or let us use would help we need:

-Tank of some sort - i may get one soon

-Background buildings, like a 3D sky box

-maybe some guns, will check back on this.

-a remodel of the rebels to look like soldiers, if you just put the CT_urban model on the rebel, i can take the re-skinning from there.

If you have any further questions just E-mail me at

But… That doesn’t really work.
I haven’t read much about 7 hour war but isn’t that the time when combine mainforce destroyed all the armies of the world in 7 hours?

yeah, but the point of the game is that you are fighting in the 7 hour war.

No, it took 7 hours before the earth was surrendered.

I can get started with rebels textures if you want me too.