Need a Fire Retexture or Something

I’ve been having a problem with Gmod where the fire doesn’t show up.

I found out it’s because Gmod is missing the flames textures/sprites.

I was wondering if I could find a place to download the original sprites or a retexture, because Gmod looks very bad right now.

EDIT : I seem to have the same problem with blood too.

verify integrity of game cache, and your problem should be fixed.

Sorry but i am a total noob at this stuff.

How do I do that?

search google.


Or, actually look yourelf, i refuse to spoon feed you, this way, you will learn to fix your own problems, search google, or the steam support base or something like that, or just look around your steam games list.

I think I found it.

I just wanna make sure I get this right so I don’t screw up my game folder.

So I go to the ‘My Games’ tab in Steam, and do the Verify Game Cache or whatever, and then afterward just rename the game folder and it’ll work fine.

Is that right? I just wanna make sure.

DOnt rename it, it will make sure you have evrything, then download what you are missing, just leave it to do that.

Thanks man.


It still doesn’t work. I clicked the Verify Game Cache Integrity thing on properties, it verified my Gmod file, but still whenever I shoot an NPC I get this weird wireframe type thing and the flames don’t even show up, I can only hear them.


I have Dx9.

Are you on a DX7 card?

I have no idea. I opened up dxdiag from the Run thing but it didn’t say anything about wut version of DX I’m on.

I have a Geforce Mx 400 graphics card.

That’s the reason why. You need to upgrade, sorry.