Need a fix for a model/Rigging promblem in XSI mod tool 6

In XSI mod tool, after compiling the models and testing them, they ended up having a the leg down being in the wrong position and angles. I would like any good assistance from who have used the program or at least know the fixes.

Show me a screen of the problem.(by the way,i think i have the same problem) In-game Pic. Don’t worry about the texure errors.

Yeah Uploaded with

Uploaded with That’s my problem… I think we need to fix the weightmaps.

That looks more mess up than mine, I did the weight-maps mostly correct. however, the animations on mine still works, so to me it can’t be weight-maps exactly. I may offer source files for mine if it helps.

EDIT Or maybie it is…

Yeah i’m gonna try to fix the weights again.If it doesn’t wotk then it’s from the qc or the smd file.

Sorry to bump this thread (I was trying my luck to finding a answer on every other forum, I even tried using mod tool 7.5), but I still haven’t found an answer to my problem (I was using the latest plug-in available from the websites). However, I did find in the console was (after switching to the model)

player\bishop2.mdl/player\male_anims.mdl : missmatched parent bones on “ValveBiped.Bip01_Pelvis”
player\bishop2.mdl/player\male_anims.mdl : missmatched parent bones on “ValveBiped.Bip01_Spine”

but in Mod tool, I was using the valve male rig from valve’s plug-in and I checked and unchecked the export options in every combination possible, is my mod tool is messed up or something?

Could be.

Hey! I am having the same problem. I’m trying to create a custom character for CS:S and I have done a lot of research. There is very little help out there for this problem.

But I learned some things from my own observation. It appears that the Valvebiped rig in the Mod Tool is created with a different bone hierarchy than what the actual game character use - specifically the spine and the pelvis. I’m guessing this is due to an update in the source engine of some kind. I know they haven’t updated the valvesource addon for the Mod Tool, so that could be the problem.

If you decompile a character from hl2 or CS:S, and load the .qc into the Mod Tool, you can look at the bone structure hierarchy and see how it’s different from the Valvebiped rig that’s created in the Mod Tool.

I’m stuck here. I don’t know how to change that hierarchy to match the one CS:S expects. Any ideas?

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Also, I found this site:

This had the exact same problem as me. But the guy who “fixed” it said he used a “real” CS:S skeleton. But I want to know where in the world he’s getting the real skeleton from.

I tried replacing the mesh of the decompiled model with mine and used import weightmap to rig it (so I wont have to do it mannauly), but it ends up with a crash (both in gmod and the half life 2 mod I was it making for, I’m too lazy to weightmap it from scratch).