[NEED A FRIEND or 10] Looking for someone to play with.

Ive been playing rust since legacy and all my friend have stopped playing from rage. I absolutely love the game but everyone I team with stabs me in the back…
Little bit about me:
My name is Christian, Im 16 and live in Michigan USA. Eastern Time Zone (UTC-05:00)
Im good at building and gathering resources.
Not saying that rust is like CounterStrike:GO but my rank is LEM so Im not terrible on the feild…
I do have a vac ban on record…sadly. A friend of mine had shown me bhop scripts for csgo. Didnt really realize I would get banned at the time.
Im online mostly all day and sometimes nights being a teen in all.
I mostly use skype but I can use anything.

PC specs:
Some asus motherboard off tiger direct
12gb corsair ram
120gb sdd
2x 3tb HDD
gtx 660
corsair 750m psu
AMD FX 6300 SixCore clocked at 3.8GHz
Windows 8.1 Enterprise
2x ViewSonic 24in Monitors
Shitty Keyboard
Razer Deathadder with steelseries mousepad

If im missing anything you would like to know feel free to ask.

Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/id/CommanderChris