Need A Gamemode Suggestion

Go for it, I’m bored and need something to do, just not anything too complex, I don’t want to waste too much time on a gamemode. I really don’t care if its RP, if it interests me, I’ll do it.

I want to see a public version of FearlessRP’s Something like that at least.

Very simple core roleplay gamemode for people to build off of

Ive actually always wanted something like this just to use as a base, I might do it

I would love you forever.

Just make sure it isn’t boring, add entities that are fun to mess around with.

That works?

Protect the President? There would be three groups: the President, terrorists, and the security. They would have different objectives like transporting the president from place to place while protecting the president from the terrorists. Idk.

No offence but what you are is wrong. Their GM is closed source because they don’t want some fags running servers with their gamemode as it won’t be unique anymore. Note: I’m not sayign that you are faggot or something, I’m just saying that you shouldn’t make such requests.

I think im gonna go with the RP base, if i see something better in the next few days, I’ll make it instead

Should I go with the easily customizable like Dark[del]RP[/del]DM? or Hardcoded teams?

Depends if you want kiddies running tons of servers like darkrp.

true, Okay, Im hardcoding them… I dont like kiddies :suicide:

Seeing as you still want suggestions heres an Idea: Survival RP. Players spawn at random points and must aqcuire certain items within a timelimit or they “starve” or some other condition. Players can trade around and such. Through doing this have creatures attack the players while they go for supplies. After enough supplies gathered have the players find a way out, whether it be by finding an escape point somewhere or making a boat or something to escape in. Make team work key through the whole game mode. Maybe add the need for heat or a place to cool down and require shelter.

Why so much RP? Gmod has plenty of RP gamemodes already. Make something new and original - not another RP gamemode.

The protect the president idea sounds fun, actually. Should probably be based on fretta, however.

It’s a really simple concept. Two teams: bodyguards and anarchists/terrorists/whatever. One player is randomly selected to be the president at the start of every round, and the bodyguards must defend the president from the anarchists/terrorists/whatever until the round ends. You could also add in the additional feature of the bodyguards having to transport the president from one location to another and what not.

Penty is a way too strong word for RPing. Most RP’s suck ass. A few actually are OK playing.

I actually started something like this before, except it was a president, guards and a single spy.
The spy had nightvision and silenced weapons and a grappling hook.
Never really did anything beyond that, perhaps I should pick it up again.

I didn’t say plenty of good ones. I’m sure there are some pretty good RP gamemodes out there (depending on how you define “good”). My point was that there are lots of RP gamemodes, and what GMod doesn’t need right now is more.

Well, maybe there are lots of RP gamemodes, but if people can come with better features, playing ways and so on I’d have no problem with them making it. (;

I’m making this rp base just for coders, it won’t have many features, just some basics, so coders don’t have to write everything from scratch, and if a skiddie gets it, he won’t know what to do with it.


I will probably make that protect the president gamemode after this one.