Need a genuine ZombieRP server for "Machinima" purposes.

Okay, so I’m doing a series with Garry’s Mod based on DarkRP and my next stop is Zombie Roleplay.

Now I’ve been sifting through multiple servers and I just can’t seem to find one suitable enough.
My question to you is if anyone is hosting a genuine, decent server which I can attempt to record on.
I’m not looking for much just maybe an admin to be on and some actual roleplay (lite, semi-serious, w/e) to help with the filming process.

So, if anyone knows or hosts a Zombie Roleplay server and if any players are willing to participate in putting on a show that would be a great help to me!

Thanks Dudes!

Hey there, I very recently (and I’m talking about a day) set up a server running DarkRP with a Zombie RP orientation, the only customization extent is:

  • Completely swapped out the weapons
  • A few misc entities
  • Various custom playermodels and jobs

You know, nothing special or anything, It’s not finished yet but I’m hoping to be able to ‘launch’ it tommorow, but if you want I can launch it and you can have a play around and depending on what you need I can bring players on, if this sounds like something you’re interested in then add me on steam:

Thanks for replying dude!
That’s pretty much all I’m looking for! If I’m honest I just want the players to act naturally and do their day to day thing (roleplaying)!
I’ll add you on Steam anyways, but you don’t have to put the server up at my expense! Will just be nice to have somewhere I can rely on while I’m doing this!

Thanks again dude!!