Need a GMod Server for Machinima!


You don’t seem very machinima worthy.

If you can make a decent video that isn’t “random gmod vid for da lolz XD” in singleplayer, you’re more likely to have someone who wants to host a server for you.

Its not in single player and that is your opinion. I know my flaws, and may I point out that these videos are 2+ years old. Hence why I have an animator and custom GUI enhancer on the project as well. Also new editing software and much more preparation.

It’s pretty much most peoples opinion here. Random GMod videos are always horrible, no storyline and usually has a ton of memes like “LOL TROLLLFACCCEE xd” in them. We don’t like them.

If you at least want a chance for someone to lend you a server, post some of the new content you’ve made with your “new editing and GUI” please. Would like to see what it looks like.

In order for that to happen I need a server for people to be on to record. If it means anything, in the past 2 years and a half ive taken a cinematography class over a summer. Ive moved up from Windows Movie Maker to Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. I have the latest version of Fraps. And for the GUI you would have to talk to the guy on the project

Listen, no one’s going to join your project before you get some updated content. Well at least from Facepunch, that is.
Also why is it exactly that you cannot throw something together in singleplayer so we can see some of your content?


Also you should really try and proove why we should join your project instead of leading us to other people, like with the whole GUI thing. You should also post the idea of this “big project” in OP so we know what we’re dealing with instead of just listing that you need a server for some film and that’s that.

I dont do stuff in single player, i do it in multiplayer. And as far as the GUI things im not the one handling them. The film project im doing is just a film is there much more needed to know about it?

“just a film”. If it’s a film, then you quite obviously have a script / idea behind it. You should post that in the OP because it’s just too vague atm. And seriously, if you cannot do anything in singleplayer for no reason stated, then you probably shouldn’t be doing film-making. Is there a good reason behind it or is it some strange personal preference that I’ve never seen before?

Ill give you one good reason why I dont do single player: Personal Preference.

I’ll give you one good reason I won’t host you a server: Because I want proof that you’re not wasting my time.

Then you really shouldn’t be doing film-making. You should be able to adapt yourself and actually show that you care for the server instead of ignoring most of what I say. You want a server, then work for it. No one’s going to give you a server for free before you show off what you’re able to do. That means actually YOU giving something to the server owner instead of the server owner giving you it all.

Well I actually already found a server for free and he didnt ask much questions either. And you say I shouldnt do film making because I have a personal preference? Dont you think thats a tad bit ignorant? Thats like telling Ridely Scott he shouldnt film make because he didnt make a Romance movie due to his personal preference of making Sci-Fi films. Not saying im a Ridley Scott, just saying that every director in the world have a preference.

I’m saying you shouldn’t be doing film-making because you seem way to stubborn to be able to do it properly. I mean christ, since when was I ignorant? You’re the only one being ignorant, constantly avoiding everything I say except for the “you shouldn’t be doing film-making”. All other points went straight through your left ear and out the right.
People usually have a reason of their personal preference, like “I’d rather have fish instead of a steak, the steak seems to have too much pepper”. You don’t even give reason why you’d need a server, you just want it for no apparent reason. Preferences usually build up because of a reason, so that’s not cool. Especially people who can actually host servers (LIKE ME) who you call ignorant as soon as you are questioned.
Good job getting a server because I’m not sure who’d give you one after reading this thread.

The reason I call you ignorant is because you obviously dont know how to read when I said “I actually already found a server for free” and when I explained “I can no longer host a server of my own so I need someone to host one for me.” My preference of Single player vs Multiplayer is because I simply enjoy working with other people in film making than working by myself.