Need a good admin gun !

Hi guys,

I need a really good admin gun, but one that can destroy props?? Any good proposal ?

Thanks !

I’ll make one for 5 bucks.

Nah!, if sure there’s one out there ! I’m a good modeler, but I suck at programming !

A wiimote that explodes whatever you are looking at, a suicide bomb that kills everybody and cleans up all props, and makes you invisible with it out.

All admin guns are useless/stupid and are spammed by 12 year old admins that think he is so cool for killing all the players on the server

B1N4RY In fact there goes the other sense, I need a weapon to stop stupid kids from spamming cannons in a useless way in the peace area of our War server. So before making a blindfolded statement regardless of the matter, information and facts, inform yourself about the situation sir. In words recognized in your primitive understanding, Shut up and Think first! Now go home still thinking that all Arab people are terrorist or all elders drive poorly.

The Wiimote doesn’t destroys props, and the suicide bomb kills-myself, there is no precise weapon like an RPG or automatic that can do the job?

Oddly enough, there is no admin gun that, I have seen, that is actually useful. (For dealing with minges) All the ones I have seen just do the normal SUPERSHOTGUNDEATHSWEP!!!1 crap…

I don’t understand why you dont get an admin mod and kick and ban or slay people with that.
It’s much easier and has no chance of backfiring.

If you want a really good admin gun. I suggest the Punisher. Not only does it annoy the hell out of mingebags (lol me) but also makes them have to listen to a depressing sound loop and make them bounce around.


The one that comes with MadCow’s weapons is pretty good because you can customise it to make it less annoying.

Well the most important part is that it can destroy props, you see we have a war server, so it is normal to fight, but people who are excessive I can’t really ban or kick them, because it is still the point of the server. By super massive destroying their thing it’s just a way to ask them to calm them.

Just use the remove tool.

First of all, you’re going to need to be more specific on your game mode that nobody cares about.

If the toolgun isn’t good enough to remove props, then you need to step down from admin since you are in dire need of something flashy to tell people to calm the hell down.

Well you you should just shut up because I just asked something, If you don’t care about my gamemode fine, if you don’t care about what I gently asked to the community fine too, but it’s just plain stupid to write a useless posts that has to point in it. I asked something, if you find it stupid I just don’t care and I’m sure other don’t too just don’t write it simple.

If someone asks how do I install “this” I’m sure you’ll be the asshole saying: You’re just a fag don’t play that game. I (him) am just asking a question simple.

The point is, I am just trying to find a weapon that has the ability to destroy props, simple !

Yes I know that!, but I am looking for a Weapon !

epic win! I sooo agree


umm i suggest, wiremod+gcombat, it destroys props, can be invisible, sleek and bad-ass is the best way

Yeah tried that, but that defeats the point of actually admins having something just in case, and more something that anyone can build. The point of the gun is that in case someone builds something like you described, by still stayin gin the theme of the server, destroying it, not erasing it…

Exactly what I was thinking

Killing mingebags will only promote them to DM, and slaying them and removing prop spam with the “Spam Remover STool” will make your point much deeper than reacting in a equivalently noobish way.

so you want a remover tool that looks like a gun?