Need a good coder

I’ll try again to make a thread about exactly what i want.
there were many who criticized me because i didn’t explain well what i wanted.
SO I’ll try again, but this time I’ll explain a bit better.

I want you to “remake” DarkRP for me, and this is what we want:

Economy: The Economy will have a bar in the top right of the screen that will say economy above it… the bar will be red on the left hand side and fade to green going to the right. If the bar is fully green then the economy is good witch refelcts on the peoples pay and allows for their checks to be a bit more then what the average ammount is stated for that specific job in the f4 menu. If the economy is bad of course the output of money will not be as high.

We also want it so the mayor can set the lottery manually
the people just pay for the tickets
but the payout is actually pretty decent, instead of shitty $600
and a lottery can only be generated every 1 or 2 hours and the max the mayor can make the lottery pay out is 20k

We need medics to have defibulators so that when people die they can be revived. The defibulators of course will have a 50 / 50 % chance and they need to be recharged by right clicking before every use of them.
If the mayor dies he loses his job… and the economy will drop by 20% due to his death.

We also need money printers… There will be different levels of printers you can buy a normal money printer that will cost $1500. It will put out $300. There will be a Silver money printer that will cost $2500 and will put out $600. There will be a Golden money printer that will cost $5000 and put out $850. And there will be a Platinum Money printer that will cost $8000 that only donator’s can purchase and they will put out $1250. There will also need to be a printer cooler that will make so the printers will not blow up or start on fire when it is near them and it will cost $5000.

The Mayor can fire government officals only. (Police, Police Chief, Secret Service, Doctor’s.)

We would also like there too be a tax system within the game so that anything that is bought is taxed by atleast 15% and that 15% of the money goes to the city funds that the mayor can use to buy things for the citys… Like Vending machines for the people and armour stations for the police.

Every 15 minutes the mayor will recieve a question that will have atleast three choices and if he chooses the correct question the economy will be boosted by 20%… If he does not answer the question correctly then the economy will drop by %15.

We as well need a bountie menu made for the hitman job so that when people put hits on other people he can view it in a screen instead of talking to them directly.

I also want to note I want check’s added to the game mode. So people can write checks to others and the only person that can pick the check up is either the person whom wrote it or whom it is written out too.

I also want tazers added too police force.

Some models we want:
For citizen.

For thief

There may be more ideas coming.

Neat, what’ll you be paying people for this?

This isn’t a remake, by the way, but rather a slightly customized DarkRP.

A few of these already exist in the gamemode. Such as /cheque.
Several things here is as simple as adding models or addons to your server.

Money is no problem.

If anyone would be interested in doing this for… lets say 70-100 dollars.
could you please reply?

Add me on STEAM.
I’ll do it for that.


You must have added the wrong person, I never got it.
Are you sure you are adding: