Need a good Garry's Mod server host

Hey guys, im looking for a good but CHEAP gmod host,

I Used to be hosted by

But they stopped hosting gmod yesterday. looks good, but the prices are no way as good as nitrousnetworks.

I was looking at
they had amazing prices, but i need some feedback on them, and it does not look like there support team is that good/active from reviews i have read.

Please tell me some good ones or give me some feedback on the hosters i told you about

20 Slots would be good
And paying £10-11 range, that will be good

Good and Cheap are two different things really, as the cheaper you get the quality generally goes down and vice versa.

But what slots, location and do you get attacked by DDOS?

vilayer and nitrous are shit go with elpis or daemonserver

daemon servers are out of stock on GMOD servers, i tried yesterday

We will have stock in around a week, ordering has been disabled as we move our servers to a new rack.

Ok good, can i add you on skype or something? Just if i have any quick questions.


I don’t have skype for business but if you simple use the contact form for any pre sales questions they go to my mobile.

Ok i did the contact form, and asked my questions there, thanks.

Same thing for me since Nitrous Networks stopped GMod hosting. I’ve tried Elpis in the past but their servers (it would seem - from experience) are only really good when they’re in the US, which I can’t really have since I live in the UK and don’t particularly want a 200 ping to my own server.

i would recommend to rent a root/vserver and insall a gmod server (especially when you have linux knowlege and use linux for the server)

If your looking for cheap prices then use PlugPayPlay

However their quality is not really good and has quite some downtimes from my experience. They have the option of hosting it from London.

If your looking for quality then I suggest using NFOservers.
Their support is top notch and you get a reply within minutes. There is barely any downtime and there quality is awesome so you won’t experience any lag. However they are hosted in the US and your ping will probably be in the 100s. If you do plan to use this host I would like for you to refer me since I also use them :smiley:

We can always host your server at Precise Servers (

We’ve had quite a few people transfer to us saying that they came from Nitrous-Networks.

A 24 slot with our 15% off would be $14.41 (well below your price range).

I use NFOServers,Pretty good Host,Low ping and Anti-DDoS,You get a freewebhost and a free mumble server.

I had a good experience with plugpayplay and I had around a 40 player server back in december.

Hot damn, do not go with PlugPayPlay if you’re looking for a dedicated and reliable server, I have several servers with them currently, including a 64 slot, very cheap, but near to no DDoS protection and constant server issues, crashing etc, they used to be fantastic but as of recently their service has become incredibly poor.

I am also looking for a good server hoster, I had planned on going with nitrous until I read this post and discovered they don’t host it anymore :frowning:

Vilayer changed fast, from a 1 day reponse time to nearly isntantly - go for them !

  • Otherwise go for - ( Cupon code for 30% off : 30%off )
    Cheap as fuck and you can create unlimited servers within the slot limit.

That code is only a one time discount, although useful, and still fairly cheap, I don’t know how trustworthy they are, nor how it works, since this is a reseller option (I don’t plan on reselling), I tried to buy their VPS option but the link is broken, not sure how much I can trust a broken website.

In my opinion NFOservers and ElpisHosts are the top hosts in the US

It’s based in the United States, but every time I had servers hosted by them, I really haven’t had to put up with many issues.

I’ve heard great things from them, and you can see they’re quite a dedicated group, and like few others they limit the amount of servers you can buy based on the amount of space they have left, so as not to overload themselves.

Last time I checked there were only two servers left available, unfortunately they advertise as $0.63 per slot and up but they’re actually $1 a slot, which is a little out of my price range, especially since they’re US only, I could probably get something a little cheaper in europe, perhaps less quality but I don’t need anything particularly great.