Need a good Model/Skiner for a project.

I have a BIG project coming up but i cant do half the stuff i want to do without help from other people. Truley i cant say much about what i have coming up not because its a secret but because this has just started. I need someone who can model or skin. If you can do both it would be amazing. I already have a server and a lua coder but i still need a help. Contact me on steam or anything you can.

Ill be puting up more stuff about the project in later weeks as soon as i have all the people i need.

I bet you’re just the ideas guy.

And you’re in the wrong section.

No im not my friend. Please dont come here and be a dick the last thing i want is annoying people trashing the post and what not.

It’s a very common sight to see threads like this describing a huge, ambitious project with no details or any signs of progress at all. If I go looking for projects to work on, I look for the ones that know what they’re doing and have a good handle of what they want and to evenly distribute the workload, which is why I mentioned the ideas guy stereotype, so the project goes smoothly. I don’t want to be a dick in this situation, but I would like you to please do a better job at requesting help for your project. You need to have a plan of what you want and not just to expect people to magically fly to it. I understand it’s “secret”, but there are people with different skillsets on this forum. At the very least, tell me if you want props, what kind of skins, animations if any, if they’re organic like animals, or whatever other general category you can apply what you want to.

Just a quick question, do you have a GDD or any documentation?