need a Gungame lua script

i need a lua script where if you kill more than 5 antillions or 1 player you will get (“weapon”) i’m really bad at lua scripting so i don’t know how to do it… can someone try to make it. what i want to do is create a server where you fight antillions or zombies to get weapons for kills (a lot like gun game) and you get extra weapons for the amount of kills you have… can someone help?

Learn Lua and make it yourself. It’s not that hard.

Im bad at coding i only understand a little c++ and a little lua

do you have a link to a website where i can learn it? i can only find garry’s mod wiki which only tells you that you just type this like they do it and you create a weapon

Take a look at the official book

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Of course there are countless Lua tutorials on the internet