Need a hand getting a model ingame.

Ok, heres the deal.

I found a tutorial by MarioKart64n about making, compiling and getting models into Gmod, and i thought id give it a go.

It compiled, apparently, for Half Life 2: DM, but when i take his suggestion, and place the model files, and materials, into the Gmod folder, it doesnt show up in the spawn list, or the browse section no matter where i put it.

Searching for its name doesnt work either.

I have these files:

And this is what the QC file looked like:

Any help?

its because of the location its looking for things on the desktop and not in the steam folders, ya need to recompile and change the desktop location to the steam/steamapps etc folders then it should work. It’s the easiest and most successful way to do it if all the folders point to the steam folders, but i know a few people can compile from desktop folders I personally find it easier.

as dsdxp said - the compiler is looking for the files to compile on thge desktop.
One thing that is odd though - why are the files outside of the models and materials folder?

The vtf’s should be in materials/models/myprops

and the other files in models/myprops

You’re also missing the vta fils for the textures.


Yeah VMT

Why would it use facial animation poses for texturing? You mean VMT.

So, i put the models i want to compile, in the steamapps file?

Right, will try that.