Need A Hand.

What is the easiest way to make buildings?

Thats a very broad topic. Mostly, you just have to experiment and figure out your own way.

One of the best ways Ive seen is just to use reference pictures. Find a picture of something you want on google, and do your best to imitate it with the tools your given.

Sketching on graph paper also helps more then you think it would.

Well what I’m trying to get at is I’m alright with brush work just I’m confused on how too do brushwork efficently ,and with less hassle.

The first thing you should concentrate on if you wish to to things efficiently is NEVER use carve. Learn how to use the clip tool to make basic holes for windows and doors in a wall.
Here is a good description on how to use it:

When they say “different clip modes”, they mean which part of the block you want removed, or if you want to just slice it into two. Experiment with it for a while until you have a good handle of it.

EDIT: If you want to take the extra time to make things look really good, leave a little extra room when you carve things out for window frames, door frames etc.

It depends if you’re making a building you can go into, or a building that is just for show like the ones in gm_bigcity or huegcity. If you want them for show, just make a huge block, clip it, and shape it to whatever you want it to be. If you want a building you can go into, it’s best to make the interior first, then do the exterior so that you don’t have to worry about everything fitting into the shell you made.

if you want a small detail building, just make it out of brushes and put lots of detail into it.

example pictures are always a good idea.

Or, you could make one side of the building as a reference point, then build from there. I find that somewhat more effective to planning out buildings ahead of time. But you can whatever you want, that’s just something that I got into the habit of doing.

If you’re doing buildings that the player is never going to see the back of it, you could just make walls of the building’s exterior.

Use reference material, change the grid size to something small, use dev textures, use the clip tool function where it doesn’t delete the clipped brush automatically.

Also, read this tutorial on door frames, really cleared up a lot of things for me when i started mapping interiors.