Need a Host for a Dedicated Machine

Our server/community currently has been trying to run several servers, but the cost is a bit high for several servers, and VPSs will not work for what we are trying to do. If we bought a dedicated machine such as this (it’s not actually the dedicated machine we would get, but I’m giving an example):

Would there be any company or person/s/ willing to host the dedicated machine? (As in, provide power and uncapped internet (Well over 6t of internet, several servers plus many players eats up bandwidth) and a safe environment for it.

If so, what are the prices?


(Just post here if interested in hosting, know a company, or are a member or owner of a company.)

I’ve hosted with for dedicated servers for Garry’s Mod, and they’ve been pretty good for scalability and stability.

If you don’t like their ranges, they have a subsidary company called that offer’s other ranges and features.

No, as in, I buy a dedicated machine, set it up, and send it to whatever company to HOST my dedicated machine which I bought, for ME.

Yeah, I don’t think people are going to do that for you, at least, you shouldn’t trust anyone to.

Why would you need your own dedicated machine? I would of thought it would be more costly to build yourself, not to mention the company would have to worry about adding an insecure box to their network.

You have a point, although I’m still looking for a company or person/s/ that is willing to do it, thanks for the advice though.

Hopefully there is a solution out there, I’ll keep on searching.

Still, if anyone is interested, post here.

Just a clarification, he wants to build his own server and then rent rackspace at whatever datacenter. There are plenty of datacenters that offer this.

If he builds his own server, he might be able to buy one for lets say $500. That could be 2 or 3 months of hosting if you rent a dedicated server. It’s just like renting or buying a house. At some point you completely have paid your mortgage and the house is yours. If you rent it, in the longer run, it’ll cost you more money than if you would have bought the house in the first place.

It’s called co-location, have a google search around.

I couldn’t find the word, but indeed!

Also, co-location is very expensive in comparison to just renting a dedi from an existing company.
You pretty much have to pay for your own bandwidth.

Depends. I just saw a datacenter here in the Netherlands (first hit on Google), that offered rackspace for €60 a month. With 2.5 TB of bandwidth and 1 gbit connection. Didn’t seem that bad, especially if you have a server that’d cost you ± €250 a month.

Bandwidth in the US is extremely expensive (up to x3 more expensive than in the EU), so I imagine that Blasteh is right about renting one probably being cheaper.

I haven’t looked it up for the US, so that could be true. However, I heard that everything when it comes to internet is more expensive in the US. I’m living in a “medium sized town” or “small city” and I have a 180/18 mbit down/up connection, TV with HD channels, phone and radio all for €75 a month. That’s $102 a month. I’d say that’s a bargain compared to what I’ve heard about prices in the US.

I pay $80 per month for 5dwn/2up. :suicide:

UK Colo