Need a Key - I am a Youtuber, i can promote who give me.


(User was banned for this post ("crap begging thread" - postal))

buy one

If I recall they we’re giving keys to popular Let’s Players at some point but that was months back, I don’t think they are doing that anymore.

Good luck. If you are indeed the person you claim to be.

You’ll have to wait and just purchase the game once it’s released on steam.

sent 1 to your youtube account.


What a blatant misuse of the word urgent.

i sent this to your youtube not to your facepunch account.


Then you’re obviously not actually SirKazzio. Get out.


Stop begging for free shit, OK?

Well one thing is for sure, english is not his first language. So thats a step towards being who he says he is.

Yeah but someone with a reputation on YouTube would be a lot more professional than this guy. He’s not the person he’s claiming to be.

God, I hope this thread gets DDT’d. OP, you have no proof you are who you say you are, your FP account is less than a day old and your post count is in the single digits. Show us a picture of you logged into your YouTube, then we will believe you, otherwise, cut the bullshit.


You can promote the $30 you pay me for the key if you want?

Message me on YouTube then. You have 3 minutes.


While I am pretty sure it ended a while ago, one of the conditions to get a key to promote Rust was to contact one of the forum mods directly rather than making a thread on the forums. Only saying as since Rust has gotten some attention we’ve had all manner of people claiming to be popular streamers or with the gaming media who saw that and posted a begging thread here rather than following protocol.