Need a Listen Server Hoster

Hello there fellow FP members,

I make Gmod 10 machinima’s of our league “League of Extraordinary Mentlegens”, in a few days I want to film with my friends our introduction machinima. The only problem is no matter how hard I try I cant get a listen server going, Paradox servers doesnt make gmod 10 servers, and if you tell me what I have to do WELL I WILL IGNORE IT.

What I need is someone who can host listen or dedicated servers for Gmod 10 who is in the U.S.A.

If you can do this please reply and add me to your friends list in STEAM.

Thank you and good day.

Is your machinima popular?
How many people will be watching it?
How long will it take to make?

I may be able to provide you with a server if you have a lot of viewers and you put an advertisment for me in the machinima.

  1. Not that much since we made our youtube page not long ago, but there is still a decent amount of viewers.
  2. Videos are usually lesser then 7-8 minutes
  3. Of course we will advertise and give credits to your servers.

can you show me one of your videos?

Of course.
This video was my first one made with sony vegas pro 9.0, Full version of Fraps and so on. I admit since this is my first this WILL have abit of flaws but as most of them say its decent for a first timer.

nevermind i’m out…

Alright then but remember,

we cant make good videos if we cant have a server.