Need a little help/advice

So basically I’ve been playing Rust for around a week now and I’ve already put over 50 hours into the game so its needless to say I’m enjoying it… a lot. But there’s a few things I just cant get a grasp on and im hoping some more experienced players may be able to help.

I’m wondering how often air drops occur on community sever?

And a link to a good rad town guide would be greatly appreciated! I want to know everything I’ve tried looking on Youtube and can’t find any so text guides are more than welcome I just want to know what Ill need to raid one, how to do it, what kind of things I might find etc etc. The more detail the better :smiley:

Thanks in advance!

Admins have the ability to spawn airdrops manually, but assuming nobody is doing that you should see one every real life hour, or one full day cycle.

Thanks :smiley:

So the default is every hour? I have a feeling not every community server is having a airdrop every hour. On most legacy servers it was rarer - often based on how many people on the server.

Are most community servers really dropping an airdrop every hour?

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I am pretty sure the radtowns currently have very high radiation, so you can lose health quickly there. Most new players on a server just hunt for barrels in the open places instead of going to rad towns, although I think some people will put a sleeping bag near a rad town, then keep dying and keep looting the rad town looking for stuff. But it usually is safer to hunt for loot in barrels. You will get the exact same loot as in the rad towns in barrels.

Other advice: 1.
2. Learn how to make a base with your first cupboard several stories up, and twig staircases to get up - which you can destroy (with arrows) before you log off). Then your base is pretty safe even if they get in - you can sleep and keep loot up a few stories and they can’t get up there (unless they use rockets - which they probably will not for a small base).

I don’t own a server so I can’t speak for customization, but hourly drops should be normal. I’m pretty sure there’s a deviation so that you’re not getting drops at the exact same time every day though.

First off, have you checked The answer to most of your questions are on there.

Secondly, airdrops vary, by default they drop once an hour, but admins can trigger them manually every second if they want, plus they can change the time interval to every 10 mins, or whatever they want, PLUS, they just added a signal that players can trigger to call an airdrop at will, so regardless of what the admins have specified, players could be triggering airdrops too.

Thirdly, don’t know what you want to know about Radtowns, but you can get a map of where they are located on your server from either or The barrels in rad towns drop the same loot as everywhere else, but the crates inside Radtowns drop better loot, AK-47s, Thompsons, bullets, etc.

Thank you to you all for taking the time to answer all your advice was helpful so thank you again :smiley: