need a little help here from people with knowledge of wire's

ok hi,

my idea is to make something its kinda personal but,

i have a round disk, 6 wired trusters,

im planning to use all 6 to go up and down and stay on one height ( i only know how to do the up and down , i used constant value, if and else, numpad input. i wired all the trusters so if i press the ‘button’ all the trusters will use the constant vallue force.)

im planning that if i want to go left, the right 2 trusters will put a little bit more trust then the other 4 so it will bank left.
same with right, forward and backwards. ( also got a little rudder for strafe )

the problem is, im not THAT good with wire’s i KNOW its possible, i just dont know what to use, first of all my english isn’t that great,

i could figger it out my self but it would take years of trial and error, it would be better to ask opinions here what i could do and use.

my main question is: how do i make it that the 6 trusters will give one value of trust just enough to keep it on one height no matter how heavy the whole thing is, how much pasangers are on it, or objects ( and that it stays on untill i ‘switch the engine off’ )

how can i make it, that if i want the whoel thing go up, it will go up when pushign that button, and once released , the step abouve will return, it will stay on that height ( no im not gonne use hover balls )

Stearing will be same as the abouve, just with 2 trusters instead of 6, if i know the step abouve, i can fix this to.

problem: out of balance,. using trusters makes the disk go out of balance, it will bank already,

is it possible to correct the un-intential banking / out of control with gyro’s i’ve hear allot of gyro’s i just have no clue how to use them.

( no im not gonne use ‘keep upright’ it is simply not possible in real life, stabilisation is possible in real life, using gyro’s and computer controlled stabelizers , like on modern jet fighters and such )

my question is, what gates/ etc will i need to do this, and how to stabelise the whole thing of goin out of control, and what to use for the constant trust what ever the loading weight? ( like it will adjust it self so it will keep altitude, simular to hoverballs )

i hope you guys would like to help, and that you will forgive my english, if you have a question about a part, or allot of grammer mistakes making it hard to understand please select that part in a quote and say what u dont understand or ask something 'you mean this? ’ please correct my spelling i appreciate honest and friendly feedback.

i know there will be a few / allot people telling me this is not possible, but i know it is possible i just don’t know how to, because im no a proffesional wire user, i almost never use wire’s etc, simple things i can do, if you say it cant be doen, then you have the same ammount of wire skills as me, but there will be people that can explain me how to do this,

after i got answers and i manage to make it, i will show a prototyp of what i am making in a video,
i will also show the full finished version and explain you why this is differend from the regular… stuff

( mainly because im intending to visualise my fantasy idea i had for 9 years already, ever since i seen a picture of some… flying ‘thing’ that didn’t work out because it was ‘unsafe’ and ‘destroying nature with gasses’ if my idea would work in garrysmod, atleast i got a idea of how it would be in real, in real i would use elec. engines powered by batterys, using dynamos and suncells to regenerate power while … flying so it is… actually a clean machine and not to loud noices, just this safety issues with balance, 9 years back technology wasn’t this far at balancing using computers as it is now, it could work using modern technology to balance the thing out. i’m just a poor fellawith not much money to ever visualise this in real, impossible with out money ,you cant start a development team of technicians and people that have knowledge of elec. engines, batteries, gravity, nature, sience etc, but … doesn’t mean my idea isn’t possible, i will just never be able to do it in real with out money, and will not be able to do it in garrysmod with out the propper knowledge, which i need from you guys :slight_smile: )

ok thank you i posted this there aswell you can close this topic,

sorry i bothered you guys, thank you for the redirect i didnt even know they existed :slight_smile: thank you