Need a little help here!

Hi guys!
I’m making a machinima for Halloween but I’m not that good in hammer. The main problem is that I need night lighting but i can’t find any tutorial about it. Can you link one? Or if it’s simple can you explain me what entity I should fix? The second light problem is that models that have metal texture are too shiny and even with auto exposure set nothing changes. Third problem is that garry’s mod applies hl2 texture instead of tf2 ones, is there a method to change this or do I have to change textures?
Then there is something I want to ask; since I import the map in 3dsmax i need the map origin point in a good place. This is not a problem when I create one but when i need an already made map if i decompile is there a way to easily change this point? A bad way is to select all and move, I tried with 2forts but it’s quite hard and slow! Look at this
So i think that’s all! Sorry for my English! Thanks in advance!

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should help with skybox, and lighting settings.

Did you place down env_cubemap entities around the map and typed


in console?

You can downoad GCFScape and extract materials from Tf2 materials.gcf and place them in your garrysmod/garrysmod/materials folder

You can turn off helpers and models in the 2d view by going to view>show helpers and show models.

I already had manor’s skybox. Anyway is it just about changing brightness in env_sun?

I did! But it comes out

Cube map buffer size 2048 x 2048 is bigger than screen!
Run at a higher resolution! or reduce your cubemap resolution (needs 4X)

Cube map size is default for now, but it’s about the buffer… I really don’t know

I feel stupid now xD

I’m pretty bad in hammer xD

You change the brightness of the light_environment, env_sun is the actually sprite in the sky, that looks like a sun.

The frame buffer error means your resolution isn’t that big. You have to have it 4 times the size of the resolution you set for the cubemap.

change the highlighted value to something like 80 or so, maybe lower, maybe a little higher

Well i will look better about env_sun and light_environment.
But i didn’t understand a lot about cubemap. My video res is 1680x1050 and 720p when i record movies, but how can i change the resolution of the cubemap? I have to change every cubemap size in every env_cubemap i suppose

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Thanks for the tip. Can env_sun and light_environment stay in the same map? I mean even the env_sun changes the brightness of the light?
And can i change the position of the skybox? Just to have the moon/sun well placed

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No wait i did a lot of confusion! I already used the light_env! But i tough it was the env_sun! What an idiot
So env_sun is a sprite that overlaps on the skybox or is it the sun/moon of the 2d skybox?

env_sun is just a little object used for glares when looking at the sun. It doesn’t matter what kind of skybox you have, it will pop up if used correctly. it also wont add any more light than you already have

So in my case it will be useless I suppose (because it’s night with red/orange moon)
But how about the cubemaps? Do I have to change just the size in every env_cubemap?

If the map is simple, dont worry about cubemaps. But there are great cubemap tutorials around. Look around and you’ll find a good one.

Select all your cubemaps and set the size to default, easy way of doing this is map>entity report

click top env_cubemap hold shift, click last one, then open properties for them.

That’s the point, size is default

Try 32x32

Finally no errors on buildcubemaps and glass now is ok. But metal material are still the same. So i suppose it’s about fixing values in a light entity.

And nobody told me if i can move the skybox or not.
I want to move it a little to have a better camera angle

do mat_specular 0 in console, then do these steps

yep, in fact with valve batch compile tool it didn’t show up (witch compiles both low and high range)
Guys thanks for your help! I love this forum! See you next time!

p.s. bsbsource’s site is down, do you have a working link for it