Need a little help , new member

i was playing Gmod 11
without buying it … but after a while its not that fun

so i decided to buy it
now i bought it but
i dont want to redownload it again

so , can i run my old gmod which was downloaded
so i play it multiplayer with steam after i bought it??

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its my first time buying game for steam

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you’ll have to re-download it

so there’s noway to play it with my gmod

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the problem is that im running the internet with a usb internet modem
so i have few limited download

so i cant download it right now

I would suggest you to get a better internet connection.

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( and country, if possible )

You could try to start downloading GMod, then close Steam, copy your existent files into the downloading directory, then start up Steam again and either just let it continue downloading or making it recognize the new files by rightclicking on GMod in your library and selecting Local files > Verify integrity of game cache

For me Steam seemed to place the GMod files it downloaded in Steam\steamapps\downloading\4000\garrysmod
Maybe it does for you, too

Obviously won’t work if there’s a version difference and you’re using outdated files.

No idea if this actually works, just my guess.

He said gmod 11, now it’s gmod 13. He will have to redownload it anyways.

Also this story makes no sense. If your Internet is too slow to download gmod, how do you plan on playing multiplayer? Sounds like you want to grab a new free version of gmod 13 to me.

Why were you playing GMod 11 in the first place?

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Wait a minute, you’re the same guy as the guy who got perma’d earlier