Need a little help with console variables

I have an addon that creates a few console variables. I planned to have the user set the values in the server.cfg, but when I did this, the server said the convars were “unknown commands”.
Is there something I’m doing wrong? After that you can see “(addon) con var created”, I’m assuming that’s the section it needs to be in? Thanks for any help.

This is how I added them, in autorun/server:

CreateConVar( "medickiosk_limit", 3, {256, 268435456}, "..." )
CreateConVar( "medickiosk_maxprice", 5000, {256, 268435456}, "..." )
CreateConVar( "medickiosk_disable_autoadd", "false", {256, 268435456}, "..." )

Lua convars are created too late, after server.cfg has been already executed.

I guess since it doesn’t cause errors, and it works correctly, I could just go with it. Is there a proper way to create them?

If it works then what are you asking exactly?

I don’t want the server to say “unknown command”.

Well you can’t stop it.

Okay, thanks. Just making sure I wasn’t doing something wrong.