Need a Little Mapping Help

Alright so this is the first time Ive ever encountered this issue. Basically Whenever I try to compile the map Im working on I get the MAX_MAP_PLANES error and it gives me a brush id. Well the thing is that my planes are only at 34% fullness. So I started going through and changing all the func_details over to brushes again and they went away but now its wanting me to change buttons and other functions. The current brush id its on is a cube button, nothing fancy. I dont know what to do anymore, I tried running it in a new fresh file and still getting the same errors.

The other thing is the “Too many light styles on a face at (cords)”, Well I removed all lights on the map but I am still getting this error.

Compile log:

Probably has to do with the fact the map is decompiled. Tying to recompile a decompiled map can lead to compiling errors. I would ask the original mapper if he has the original .vmf file

Not ^ I have already compiled and ran it many times with success.

Then I guess roll back to your previous iteration that was a success.
Or get a proper vmf.