Need A Logo For My Server

Title says it all! (sorry if this is the wrong section of the forum)

If you are genuine interested and know how to make good graphics, please comment below your steam URL and maybe some past work maybe? Willing to pay.
Is the place you want to be looking for.

Edit: PortalGod n00b
Hugo Strange n00b
Lolcats n00b
AlexThepipe n00b
OfficerLamarr n00b

Im looking for a logo not a script.

I might be able to do it, depends on whether or not you need me to actually illustrate or if I can photoshop. If it’s Photoshop and you need a portfolio, let me know.

I added you appear online please.

If you want, I can do it. Done this like a dozen times for DarkRP communities.

The job section isn’t just for scripts, I’ve seen plenty of people asking for things like logos or textures.
If it’s related to gmod in some way and you are paying then it’s allowed.

He meant a Garry’s Mod server.

Yeah, there is always jobs popping up on SF asking for people to design logos etc for their servers.

Ok thanks for your input.

Hi yeah this guy is called Roast and he’s the owner of cloudgamingeu you can see on his forums there is already people making logos ideas :stuck_out_tongue: Il post my logo here and on your forums too later

I’m already making it for him, nobody wants to see your MS paint logo that’ll feature a recreation of rp_downtown and two guys propkilling a facepunch admin or something.

No need to be such an ass

(Why comment :suicide:)

and done

Now that is definitely worth $20!