Need a lua coder for movie theater map (No, I'm not the creative direction)

Title says most of it. I’d like to reimplement the gmodtower theater into a movie theater map using their Dlls (and their shared lua for the theater screen) as a source.

Bitching that doesn’t belong here-

  1. You’re stealing code!!!1one
    No, we’re using Dlls and looking at code as an example
  2. Cool, you want us to do everything while you give “ideas”
    Again, No, I’m a server host, I made the map, all you have to do is the lua coding
  3. What’s my pay?
    My gratitude and that of the people who use the map, along with being in the credits
  4. This isn’t possible! it will lag to hell!
    Really? you must’ve not made it into the gmodtower server yet.

Edit- Thing you CAN bitch at me for-

Accidentally putting this under gamemodes…it could’ve fit under mapping OR lua but no…I had to accidentally make it here…

PM me with how you want to be contacted if interested

Good luck at what you are doing,and I look forward to seeing it succeed majorly!

Why copy GModTower? Also what do you expect if you post a thread like this? People to love the idea?
It’s not your shared Lua and you shouldn’t use it. Come up with something original.

Would be cool to have a Hangout gamemode / map ( A place to hangout Duh )

with like a movie place where you can like !votelink or something like this to play on the sceen

Have you looked at at all? There a youtube lua coded tv… Just put that addon in ur server…

yeah…To bad it’s terrible and can only play Youtube videos.

Then edit it so as it can handle others. Does it take a genius to look up ‘HTML’ on the wiki?

First off the screen positioning is terrible, second the chrome module works SO much better when considering impact on clientside, third I suck at lua, hence why I’m looking for a coder, and fourth I couldn’t find (and somewhat didnt care after the first 2 problems) a decent way to directly inject FLVs from the server into it.

That’s right, lets take code that has already been made and learn absolutely nothing from it. From your perspective, we wouldn’t have 90% of the programs/OSs we have today.

Does anyone like my idea ?

the theater would likely be coded to only accept the FLVs i put on the server and youtubes, so I don’t voteURLing would work. On peak I would have playtimes where I will set up FLVs, and off peak I will find a way to have youtube videos voted for.

Currently, people outright hate anything something even close to GMT. Even if its soure code, they prefer you don’t use it.
See this thread:

Oh hello there



While I typically respect that, we’re in a situation where you’re talking about a project which has been closed off on a server that’s full 24/7.

also, I started this map before gmt came out knowing full well the lua part wouldn’t be my strong point. This is mostly a project I started for my friends to watch films when we can’t hang out that I will release to everyone else for them to do the same.

Contact him since he obviously displays hes a “lua god” :rolleyes:

And a quote from the site itself-

“Obviously, you’ll be able to harvest our clientside code if you’re so inclined, but that will provide very little insight on the Tower’s inner workings.”

AKA we know you can just use PART of our code if you desire, but we wont release the server side.

CAN :slight_smile:

You see Can, I see Part. And since it doesn’t par tale of which part, further clarification would be necessary.

That’s been removed. The FAQs are a bit outdated. We don’t want you to use our code - at all.

GMod Tower should inspire you to push for even more. Do something more creative/original. I want to see people improve upon our ideas and concepts - not our code.

My opinion doesn’t really mean anything here in the LUA area, but it just kind of intrigued me. As a sound designer I’ve met sound engineers who will desperately guard their most precious audio secrets that make their work sound great, because it’s all they have left for a reputation and standing in the industry. But, there are others that freely share their tips and tricks, mostly because by the time they share that information, they’ve already moved on to bigger and better things or have found a better way of doing it.

I can definitely understand you not wanting your work being ripped off, because trust me, I know how you feel. But in an environment like this where your work is freely available to be looked at, copied, stolen, and edited, it seems almost impossible to keep your work private from the public. If people are mindlessly copying that code, so be it. The unoriginal and uncreative users will slowly fade out from all the monotony. Judging from the huge amount of effort put into GMODTower, you can easily one-up them.


That’s pretty sad…I wont act I don’t mind this. Yes you’ve made what some claim to be great code, but what are you really contributing to the community if you dont let that code advance us other than letting some gamers drool at their screens as they try to get into your server. You want us to one up you? the easiest way is by learning from your code. The chrome dll is a dll, if we implemented it, we wouldn’t remake it, it’s redundant and stupid (redundancy is something to avoid like the plague when coding, no?) and the movie theater code isn’t ground shattering (even I can see that when I look at it and I don’t even know lua) so if someone were to make something similar, the code would turn out almost the same whether you look at the GMT code or not.

I won’t ramble on in a forum post though, to sum up, unless you make an engine, all the content, and so forth, nobody wants to see a giant “BUY” button on your product, and as long as it’s free, why not share it? especially when you can’t even fill the game’s demand. Accomplish and give back to society to help improve it, that’s a general rule of life.