Need a LUA Coder for my Server!

Hi, I need a LUA coder for my server. You dont need to be a expert I just need you to make a small gamemode. You can have full access and super admin +ULX admin. I was thinking a gamemode where you have to survive from antlions and you make a fort. I would want it to use Counter-Strike Source weapons or HL2 Weapons. And for every antlion you kill you gain money and you buy better weapons with money through a menu. And their would be food which you grow food etc. Please contact me or just reply in this thread. I garranty server traffic.
aside from that idea I was also thinking where you can be a antlion and its sort of a war against the humans(also player controllable)

Hmmm sounds interesting…

seems pretty much like onslaught gamemode to me

Kind of, except the antlions would attack in waves. and within them you would get time to build and expand your base. and to survive you would have to go out and drink water every so often and plant food. Its more of defense.