Need a LUA prgmr for SB3 - Hammer Interface

I’m looking for a lua coder to do about 30min worth of work to bridge a gap in SB3.
I need a coder to make a lua file for hammer that would allow for SB3 resource node interaction.
It must have the following abilities:
–Specify type of resource to use (through hammer)
–Specify amount used per second
–Minimum amount of specified resource available to output (1/true)
–Must have following Outputs:

  • –OnTrue
  • –OnFalse
    –And the following Inputs:
  • –SetMinimum
  • –SetRate

If the interface was true (because you have enough energy), you could possibly, turn on lights?
SetMinimum would change the value of minimum of resource.
SetRate would change resource consuption per second
And if the interface was false, it could turn off lights.

I’m not sure if this is even possible with the current gmod engine, but hey, Any help would be wonderful!

Possible support for multiple resources?

Anyway, immediate work would be wonderful. (No Sure I’ll try this, It might take me a while.)

Lua coder gets full credit in my upcoming SB map. (Such as his username on a building.)

Hammer does not have Lua impliemented.

It can be done but I think you’d have to modify the Ressource Node (or make a custom one) so that it accepts KeyValues for it’s properties.