Need a lua Scripter/coder [will pay]

I am At work atm but
If you can make me some of these i will pay you CASH or you can get superadmin on my server but i want proof they are working i will pay via paypal

SAS(admin only all police sweps realcss mp5)salary 150 gasmask model

Dealer Who sells drugs(anymodel that looks good id prefer t_leet though salary 35

Change the job name name of Mayor to , civil protection to,cp chief to ,gang member to , mobboss to
Prime Minister, Police ,Police chief, Gangster Gang Leader

Security Vote to become salary 35 comes with realcss usp

Inventory screen like click f5 can pickup weapons,drugs SMALL props (cans , books etc)

also if you can make the addshipments.lua file with real css shipments jihadbomb and allow gundealer to buy lockpicks and keypadcracker and realcss

I could do most of them. Add my steam (Jamie932)

How much money?

How much moneyz

Go Here:
Should have the Drugs and custom shipments.

Im already doing it for him.