Need a map designer for a new gamemode (for hire)


hello we have a game mode that we are making and we are in need of a good map designer. the game mode is going to involve RP mechanics, if that makes a difference. the map will need to be fairly big, not as big as evo city, but pretty decent size. the focus of the map is a large prison, with varied cells and a decent size court yard, with a mine field and guard towers. also it will need to have a small town on the outside with open area to roam. so a fairly large map indeed.

i am going to pay whoever takes this job. i have about 100 usd dedicated to the map at this point, and more if necessary later down the road. whenever the map is finished. (we will sign a contract if necessary.)

add me on steam if you’re interested my handle is MrDoomDesire. and for MORE INFORMATION on the map. id like to discuss this thru messaging.

if you have any other questions just reply here!

You would probably get better responses if you went into detail as to what you wanted on the map.

well see i dont really want to hint as to what the game mode would be in public discussion thats why i wanted them to add me on steam.

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also if you add me please let me know here, i have an over abundance of FR’s

To pay someone to make a fairly large map from scratch, you’re going to have to pay $200 - $480(or a little higher), depending on the quality of work. You should really go further into detail so people will take you seriously, or at the least list how much you’re willing to pay for the job.

I’d be interested, throw me a message on steam, my username is the same as it is here. I guess we could talk more there.