Need A Map Developer For Clone Wars RP.

Hi all, I am looking for a developer to help me build a map for my new server Trinity Clone Wars RP.

Please contact me on steam for more details and we can talk about pay and specifics.

  • Ray Corcossa

Any description about the game-mode? The style your looking for? These are the things people need to know before contacting you.

Hi sorry, here is our server description.
Trinity Clone Wars RP Description:
Trinity Clone Wars RP is a serious rp server made to provide an authentic clone wars experience for our users. We focus on multiple planets including Naboo, Mustafar, Kamino and many others. Our staff is highly experienced and aim to provide the best Clone Wars experience in Gmod History. We are a friendly server and are always happy to welcome new role players to our community. We are huge Star Wars fans especially around the Clone Wars times and with our knowledge we hope to please others who share our passion. We noticed on other servers how boring rp can be which is why we haven’t placed you on one single ship but in a universe filled with war between the Clones and Droids. Our server is hosted in Australia but we are welcome to anyone wanting to join. We hope to see you on our server!

cool story bro
how big should the map be