Need a mapper to finish our project!

Hello, yes as the title states: I need am apper to finish our current map project, you will be payed ofcourse.

Prices and duties etc etc will be informed over steam

that’s my steam profile. I will not go into detail on this thread, as everything will be taken over steam.

Thank you. - Crotiz.

What is your project, how much are you offering, images of the current state of the map, etc etc

With the current attitude you are displaying, the only offers you will get will be from kruma.

Well, again… I will not go into detail on the thread and i will tell you everything over steam.

Why not? Trust me, your idea is not new or original. It is not something that needs to be kept in secret or private. At the very leat you should be detailing basics, map style, amount of work required, what state the project is currently in, and a basic budget. People want to know if it is worth offering their services, and if you able to reconise what the worth is for those skills.

Alright then…

It’s an island for perp, pretty much all textures are in the map already, what we would need YOU to do is make some houses that look like beach houses, if you know what that is… Else google it… Those houses should be a little seperated from the actual town of the island… Wich… We will need you to make also… The town should have some warehouses, maybe one skyskraper, bank, PD / Nexus, Fire station, hospital etc etc.

The roads are pretty much complete, “You will see the work we’ve done so far when if interested.” We would also like you to make some caves and mountain houses if possible.

You would be payed a 2 or 3 digital number for this, depending on how fast and detailed the map actually is.

I don’t want to be the bad guy here, but:

This information could be worth zero to nothing for a mapper interested in working on your project. There are so many variation of beach houses in architecture he could pull up a random one on google, make it, and then you come back and say “we were looking for something different.”

Here’s two images I found when googling beach house:,_August_22,_2008.jpg[/thumb]


See what I’m getting at?

YOU need to provide EXACTLY what you want in this map. We don’t have the vision, YOU do. Top down layouts, concept art, hammer shots, literally any of this would do justice.

Well i have talked to some administrators and co-owner of the community i own, and well we have decided to start from scratch with a new map.

The new map should not be to big, but medium. Here is what i thought of what kindof buildings it should have, with explanations.

Buildings: PD, Fire Dept, Hospital, Garage, car dealership, appartments, suburban area, jail “under PD”, A little club, 2-3 Warehouses, gas station(s),bank and some shop(s).

PD: A not to big police department, with space enough for an office, an NPC and such.

Fire Department: Not to big, but just… Enough for 2-3 big fire trucks “With Gates” and an NPC with a desk.

Hospital: Again, just a small hospital, not to big… Just enough for maybe 1 Surgery room 1 waiting room with recipy so an npc can stand there.

Garage: An area big enough to spawn cars from an NPC that will stand in there.

Car Dealership: A house with some car models little here and there around the house… With a few npc’s in it.

Appartments: Appartments in the city “No sky skraper! we don’t want that big houses!”

Suburan Area: A little place outside the city with some HOUSES with backyards and stone walls around them.

Jail: The jail should be big enough for a few cells… Under the PD prefferly.

A club: So people could hang out there and stuffs :slight_smile:

Warehouses: Well, this is for a gamemode called PERP, i’m sure you’ve all heard about it… So we basicly need warehouses so people can grow massive amount of weed with their gang / organization.

Gas Station(s): Well, a gas station or 2 around the map… Anywhere…

Bank: A bank in the city, just like a normal bank looks like.

Some shops: Some shops like 7 Eleven, maybe a supermarket etc etc.

The details of the stuffs above do not have to look like in “GTA 5” or something, but neather should it look like a kids show… Your call.

You decide completely how the houses actually look like, our budget is 250-500$ depending on how it’s done and the time it takes.

Please leave replys below like you did above… “Thanks for the answers by the way, appreciate it.”

  • Crotiz.

So you get peoples attention by claiming to have started your own map then come out with a new request for a map from scratch?
Also you and your community seem fickle

I request a map from scratch because we have looked through the old map, and saw to many failures in it.

Also, this has nothing to do with communities. it’s about a map.

It was Stiffy’s island map

Stiffy stopped working on it and now they’re begging him to work on it again

3:37 PM - [TE] Crotiz: Besides, why are you looking at mapping section? Thought you didn't want to map.....?
3:37 PM - [TE] Matthew Kingrey: Stiffy
3:37 PM - [TE] Matthew Kingrey: I see your looking at the map
3:37 PM - [TE] Matthew Kingrey: I dont want you to quit

Actually, i’ve never talked to stiffy about starting on it again, but matthew Kingrey seem to have.

I do say this, Crotiz did not talk to him about it but I did. Now this is a place for HIS thread, not mine, and he’s hiring people for 500 bucks. Go with the flow.

you should talk to a guy named kruma

i heard he is really good

Is your new request still island themed?

Also is there anyway you can prove you are willing to pay out the $250-500 bounty, would hate to see someone finish this then have you disappear leaving them with empty pockets.

How big is medium sized to you? Roughly how many hammer units is that?

What time frame are you wanting this map to be done in?

This should be in the shit thread.

His community does even exist?