Need a mask

please make the mask like “the town” movie, here is example:

or like this:

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Dude, if you are going to make those big ass pics into a thread, then atleast put them on fucking thumbs!

Anyways, I second this.

Heat is similar.

I’d love to have the nun mask.

for me these masks look attractively-threateningly. for real.
so… UP!

these masks are best for machinimas with bank robbing or something like that.
hostage taking etc.

IMHO the most threatening mask is the Ballistic Face Mask

I mean what would you do if this guy enters the bank and stands behind you pointing a G3 at the clerk?

That’s as neutral as possible.
Darth Vader helmet would be more threatening than that.

I’d be more scared of the gun than that.


Darth Vader’s helmet IS more threatening than that!

Eww, that black mask is ugly. Its not scary, nor threatening.

so? who makes?

Does it even matter if there wearing a mask? Pointing a gun at someones pretty skitzy as it is.


Merry Christmas!!!