Hey guys I need this model for a gmod series me and my friends are making and if you could do it we’d really appreciate it and you’d be credited in literally every single episode of the series thanks!

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Heres my steam profile add me if you can do it

What if I wanted to be credited every OTHER episode

You’re offer saddens me, I’m afraid I can do the model no longer

Well I can do that to :slight_smile:

Ok, but one more thing, If you can mail me some pocket lint, I’ll do it. Just pm me and I’ll tell you my address with who you should be sending it too, I’m low on pocket lint it seems, I really am.

Deal! Add me :3

Um hold on, it says for some reason you’re on my ignore list on steam, let me just change that, brb

Well, I added you. Btw, I’ll throw in some TF2 items :3

Ah what the fuck, steam just stopped working. I’m going to sleep now, but I’ll get to you on that in the morning, or whenever you’re awake

Alrightey then, thanks again man!

what ever you do, don’t pay him the items until he done.

I’ll keep that in mind my friend

You say that as if everything in this thread is a big joke >:(

jesus its like fooling a child… where did the challenge go with these new guys.

Went away with the likes of polio and old time radio.

Can someone please do it? I don’t mean to sound like an asshole but I just need someone, anyone to do that model I already explained that I would give you something good to pay you back. Now please. Someone.

Modeling something as complicated as that is what big companies pay people for. It is most likely that nobody here will do such a task for free (without money,) let alone have the interest to do it. I’m afraid it’s very unlikely that you will ever have your specific model.

Well, what about facemapping?

Face mapping is still a lot of work, not sure if anyone would be willing to do that either.

Ill model for you for 60 dollars per character, anything else you give me besides money is useless and not worth any modelers time.

Well, sorry but I’m only a 16 year old without a bank account yet.