Need a model recompiled for SFM use.

Just a quick request, was wondering if I could have this model recompiled to work in SFM properly, specifically to fix the eye posing. I tried it myself but thanks to our old friend Crowbar it devolved into unknown flex rules and a bunch of bullshit out of my league.

Thanks to anyone that could help.

are you gonna make me pay for this

I think bloocobalt and Rusty are working on RE1 models if that’s what this model is

Nah already got those, this is the BSAA variant. RE5 I think.

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I think I’ve decompiled that one successfully in the past with some version of Cannonfodder’s older decompiler. You might try that.

The issue was recompiling it though.

Yeah, I’m feeling nice so I did it.


For future reference, to make eye posing work ya gotta make a ‘forward’ attachment, which is basically as easy as copying the $attachment “eyes” line and just replacing “eyes” with “forward”.
Then you gotta add
flexcontroller eyes range -45 45 eyes_updown
flexcontroller eyes range -45 45 eyes_rightleft
below all the other flexcontrollers. Boom, there ya go
I also got some flex fuckery when I tried to compile, both were a “blank” flex, I just removed the offending lines and it went through just fine

Fuck you’re a legend, thanks mate. I’ll keep this bookmarked for reference, although I doubt Crowbar’ll let me do anything anyway. :v: