Need a modeler (no credit necessary)

I would like a good/experienced TF2 weapon modeler to look over a few ideas I have, because I’m about as good at modeling as I am at making quality threads. Since I would probably help in no way because I’m untalented, no workshop credit would be necessary (though it would be nice)

I’m a beginner modeller, but I’m decent at designing and modelling weapons. I only use Blender so far. Here’s some work I’ve done for a WIP gamemode–The Seven Hour War:

Combine AR-1, predecessor to the AR-2

Combine Sniper (complete re-model of original HL2ep2 model)

Here’s a link to a bull-pup rifle I designed. SKIP TO 1:10 in the video unless you wanna read and watch the whole thing.

Let me know what you need to do, and I can probably do it for you.

You did all that in blender? woah I really underestimated it

blender can accomplish a lot of what the other programs can… … just not in a user friendly way.

Blender is a pretty nice program, and in comparison to the $3,000 - $4,000 programs can do a lot. Look up Blender movies on YouTube, and you’ll see what I mean, it’s not a pussy-play around program.